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The Blog

Latest News About Australian Stingless Bees

  • Check out this article with Sammie O’Brien taking about her stingless bee hive.  My bees are famous buzzing around Brisbane City.  

  • Adding a honey super to your native bee hive The sugarbag honey from native bees is divine and often described as liquid gold. After you have had your hive for 12 months th

  • I love talking to people about bees and back in November 2015 I had the pleasure of talking to a gentleman from Sydney who was inquiring about Native bees.  We must have ta

  • IMG_2117 I opened this hive today to discover just a small amount of brood and limited bee activity.  I was able to see a small advancing front and some empty brood cells t

  • The most frequently asked question and the most important question. ” Where is the best location for my native bees?” Sydney stingless bees recommends  complete

  • I’m constantly asked about what plants should I grow to attract bees to my garden.  Visiting your local nursery is a great place to start and see all types of  bees i

  • I have assisted Tony with several log transfers over the years and they can prove to be tricky and sticky. Every log split offers its own challenges. Grab some tools and eq

  • Yesterday Melissa Ballantyne from Sydney stingless bees visited LMFDC to show the children how to split a bees hive. Pete our coordinator from Wesley Mission Queensland als