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There are over 1500 species of native bees in Australia. Native Bees are wondrous little busy creatures and they do a fantastic and important job of pollinating our flowers and crops. Pollinating plants is the main activity of bees, 70% of the food that we consume is pollinated by bees.

All sorts of fruit and vegetable are pollinated by native bees including macadamias, avocados, watermelon, citrus fruit, and mangos.


Stingless bees are a lot smaller and darker in appearance than your European bee spotted in your garden because they are so small they are able to pollinate tiny, delicate hard to reach blossoms. The Native bee can forage up to 500 m and are considered strong flyers.

beekeeping supplies

Keeping stingless bees is easy and you don’t need to be an expert !!     The native bee is stingless and family friendly which makes this bee a very popular addition to the backyard. Most keepers of the native bee do not keep the bees for the honey but rather for the conservation of this little bee whose population is declining because of human development.


Native bees are virtually maintenance free and are busy pollinating your backyard or vege patch darting back and forth to their hive with bright coloured pollen.


Native bees are not affected by the many diseases or mites which are wiping out the European hives. The varroa mite is the latest pest damaging European bee populations.

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